Pacific University’s Boxer: Both mascot and mystery

What’s a “Boxer”? A dog? A pugilist? Certainly, either answer is correct, unless you’re talking about Pacific University, in which case “Boxer” is a qilin. He’s also a mascot and a mystery.

Boxer Toss

Scene from the recently released video of a 1968 Boxer Toss.

Boxer has been missing since 1969 after a “Boxer Toss” at the height of anxiety over civil rights and the Vietnam War. Even those legendary “tosses” have faded into legend and myth for most people, at least until University Archivist Eva Guggemos unearthed a grainy 16-milimeter film from 1968 which features then-Pacific student, now Forest Grove Mayor Pete Truax.

Ken and Kris Bilderback have documented Boxer’s history in cooperation with the university, Mayor Truax and others.

Here’s a link to a video the Bilderbacks produced with the Metropolitan Area Communications Commission and Tualatin Valley Community Television.

A story with additional information will appear in this week’s News-Times.